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Why is safe sex important?

With STIs on the increase it is vital that you know how to protect yourself from infection. The best way to do this is to practice safe sex and use a condom every time you have sex. Not just sometimes – every time. Practising safe sex will protect you from STIs and the serious health problems that they can cause, such as fertility issues.

If you suspect you may have an STI, don’t delay in getting tested. Regular testing is recommended for anyone that is sexually active and each time you change sexual partner.

What is safe sex?

Safe sex is all about reducing the risk of getting an STI. The best way to minimise the chances of getting an STI is to use a condom every time you have sex. Here are some additional suggestions to help you practice safer sex.

  • Always use a condom correctly and follow the instructions on the pack
  • Only use trustworthy, accredited condoms that have the kite mark for quality
  • Use condoms for all vaginal, anal and oral intercourse
  • The condom should be in place from the very beginning to the very end of sexual activity
  • Before having sex with a new partner, each of you should get tested for STIs and share the results with each other
  • If you have an STI, do not have sex with your partner until both of you have been successfully treated
  • If your current or past partner tells you that they have an STI, you should get tested as soon as possible
  • If your partner refuses to wear a condom, do not have sex with them
  • The more sexual partners you have; the greater your risk of getting an STI, be selective about your partners
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