Home STI testing kit

  1. Completely private service from purchase to results
  2. Discreet delivery to preferred address
  3. The STI Test will not appear on your medical record
  4. The Only test for 10 STI’s
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Straightforward 4 Step Process

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    Step 1 - Buy Your STI Test

    Buy your kit online

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    Step 2 - Register Your STI Test Kit

    Register your STI Test kit online once it arrives

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    Step 3 - Take Sample / Swab

    Collect urine/ swab sample as instructed

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    Step 4 - STI Test Results

    Post sample back using pre-paid envelope

If your STI test result is positive, Confidante recommend that you seek immediate medical advice. Book a private consultation today with Randox Health, telephone 0870 0100 010 or alternatively email bookings@randoxhealth.com

Private prescriptions and treatment available.

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Who needs to use Confidante STI Test ?

  • If you're in a new relationship, you should both take the test before having sex
  • If you don't want your test or results to appear on your medical or insurance records
  • If you are planning a family now or in the future
  • If you have ever had unprotected sex
  • If sex toys were shared
  • If a condom has split during sex

If you think you may be at risk, then you need to take a Confidante home STI test.

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The benefits of using Confidante STI Test versus GP/GUM clinic

  • Complete privacy from purchase to results and any required treatment
  • Anonymous service - you don't have to give us your name if you don't want to
  • Test results not on your medical record or available to life insurance companies
  • No doctor/ GUM appointment needed and no waiting room delays
  • The only kit available giving you accurate results within 7 days
  • Private GP consultation and prescription service available
  • Private laboratory testing
  • No blood samples required
  • No limit to amount of kits you can use and available to order 24/7

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