Day: 28 April 2021

No Sex is 100% safe – STIs happen!

No Sex is 100% safe – STIs happen!

We often hear the term ‘safe sex’ in reference to trying to lower the risk of passing on sexually transmitted infections with a sexual partner.   Whilst it is often referred to practicing ‘safe sex’ that term isn’t always accurate as no type of sex with a partner can be 100 percent safe.

No Sex is 100% Safe

Because many people with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) experience little or no symptoms, people may not be aware that they are carrying or passing them onto a partner.  Even those who are having consensual, partnered sex can get an STI – these infections do not discriminate!  Receiving a positive STI diagnosis can be tough, especially as there is often a stigma or shame that exists around the sexually transmitted infections.  Whilst it may feel intimidating to receive a positive result, its also important to remember that anyone who is engaging in sexual activity can get an STI.

If you want to reduce the risk of passing on an infection then it’s best to avoid exchanging body fluids including blood, ejaculate, pre-ejaculate, vaginal fluids, and the discharge from sores caused by sexually transmitted infections.  Here are a few ways you can practice safer sex:

  • Using latex or internal condoms for vaginal or anal intercourse
  • Having oral sex instead of unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse
  • Using a latex condom to cover the penis for oral sex
  • Practising forms of outercourse such as kissing, mutual masturbation, or body rubbing with clothes on

You should choose Confidante because:

  1. No other testing lab or medical provider will check you for all 10 STI’s
  2. Completely private service from purchase to results
  3. Discreet delivery to preferred address
  4. The STI Test will not appear on your medical record
  5. Results will be available within 7 working days on receipt of your sample
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